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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Arvin Shreeve--Polygamous sect leader dies in state prison

Arvin Shreeve » He led the Zion Society, and was convicted of abusing a child.

By Lindsay Whitehurst
The Salt Lake Tribune

...Arvin Shreeve, 79, died Monday of natural causes, said Utah Department of Corrections Deputy Director Mike Haddon. He had been convicted of child abuse in 1991...He was previously housed at the special service dorm for sex offenders since being imprisoned on Dec. 24, 1991.

Shreeve was the leader of the Zion Society, a cult whose religious teachings included group and lesbian sex instructions. At its height, the cult claimed about 70 followers, with about half of them children of the "sisters" of the Zion Society. He told his followers the world would soon be in chaos, but they would be saved.

Prosecutors said at least 10 children were molested by Shreeve and his followers, 10 of whom were later charged with child sex abuse.

Police raided the group's headquarters in 1991. They found guns, survival gear, hidden rooms and a bomb shelter stashed in a meticulously neat enclave of homes in northern Ogden. A retired landscaper, Shreeve was thought to have founded the cult about 10 years before the raid.

In November 1991, Shreeve pleaded guilty to two counts of sodomy of a child and two counts of sex abuse of a child. He was sentenced to a minimum of 20 years in prison.

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Anonymous said...

I knew Arvin for many years prior to his conviction. There is still great doubt that this was true. The Arvin I knew was a wonderful jolly fellow. I send my condolences to his family.

Anonymous said...

He was a worthless piece of S__t, who destroyed many lives. And there is no doubt his crimes were real. He pleaded guilty for Pete's sake. I knew some of his victims, and you will never know or understand the heartache this animal has caused.

Anonymous said...

He cant hurt anybody anymore. thats the important thing

Anonymous said...

Amber Dawn Lee has spoken publicly about the abuse of this man.

ekw said...

There is no "great doubt" that these charges are true. What ignorance. Amber Lee's story is accurate. Why would any man plead guilty to sodomizing children as young as twelve? Good heavens, man! This lunatic - calling himself God's emissary - had women prepare young girls by teaching them how to please Mr. Shreeve. And then he simply raped them and fell asleep while they lay rigid in the bed all night waiting for him to wake up and do it all over again; which he did repeatedly. Disgusting as well as cruel and brutal. What a pig! It's a wonder someone didn't kill him in jail. Good riddance. One more vile piece of garbage gone.

Robin Bush said...

The important thing is that this piece of crap is DEAD! Thankful I am sure to many people. He was a PIG and a disgusting human being, and SCREW his family, I hope they all suffer as well. Any NORMAL person knows that God does not make people do things like that and for doing them you become a God yourself. What a bunch of Crap from a bunch of dumb people.

Victim of Arvins said...

This man has ruined my life and the lives of my family. Some of his followers are still living his teachings to this day! He is evil and I hope this followers are convicted and also place in prison were they can't hurt anyone any more! He hurt me and some of my siblings in sick and cruel ways that are just unspeakable! Please stay away from anyone connected to this CULT!

Anonymous said...

I knew this family extremely well, knew all of them, babysat some of the families children - who became involved with Arvin's teachings. I can say, they had me completely fooled. For anyone that new Arvin, he was a very kind, soft spoken, good hearted man with incredible talent. UNTIL - the other side came out in him. Came as a complete shock to those of us that "didn't know". He got less than he deserved for the evilness and pain that he himself caused, and "brainwashed" other good families into his beliefs. They all became very scary people. We wondered why the were so suspicious of neighbors watching them and their own "neighborhood watch" program, since they owned many homes in a small neighborhood community.
For this person the listed a comment as Anonymous on 8/13/09 at 6:16 - you may have known the man that I knew, until I knew MUCH better. You have NO REASON or PLACE to send his family condolences. This I can tell you, because I knew him from the time I was a very young child. I spent MANY days/nights in his home. I was not an abused - as I said, this came to fruition as I got older. This man and the many of his followers ALL deserved the worst punishment possible - a painful,nightmarish punishment, NOT just for Arvin, but all of those MEN and WOMEN who followed in his teachings and behaved is such a terrible manner. Those poor children, who didn't know any better, and who did NOT have their parents standing up for them - who most of them were involved in the same acts as Arvin. I can't believe that any of them are free and able to continue this 'lifestyle'. They will be judged harshly before God and will pay indescribably for their actions. DO NOT FEEL Bad - or sorrow for this man - HE IS GUILTY of much more than he was charged for.