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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Military charges sergeant in HIV cases, Wichita Kansas

September 21, 2010
Right: David Gutierrez via http://www.smokinggun.com/
McConnell Air Force Base Military charges sergeant in HIV cases involving sex/swinger clubs
WICHITA, Kansas -- A sergeant at McConnell Air Force Base has officially been charged for allegedly having unprotected sex with multiple people in Wichita without telling them he HIV positive.
Tech. Sgt. David Gutierrez is accused of one charge with 11 specifications of aggravated assault, one charge of violating an order on multiple occasions, one charge of indecent acts on multiple occasions, one charge with 10 specifications of adultery and one charge of obstructing justice...
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It is peculiar that local news has kept this story very quiet other than when the initial story broke. The story is reported, but as though it simply involved "multiple partners, not the sex club/swinger party business. The following reports are national and a bit more revealing. Investigators allege he participated in at least 21 Wichita-area sex parties called "swinger" events from January 2009 until this past July, according to the affidavit.
Air Force Swinger in HIV probe
Sergeant Charged With Not Telling "Swingers" Partners About HIV Status
HIV positive American airman David Gutierrez faces jail over ...
Air Force Sergeant May Have Exposed Others to HIV at "Swinger" Sex ...

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