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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Parents of Mitrice Richardson continue to pressure Malibu Sheriff's Department about inconsistent stories, stonewalling and failing to investigate

Booking Cage Video of Missing Woman Generates New Family Concerns

Mother Demands Information on Deputy Apparently Exiting Station When She Did
April 1, 2010
Malibu Surfside News

Malibu--Mitrice Richardson, 24, disappeared after a Malibu restaurant incident led to her being booked on two misdemeanor charges at the Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station on Sept. 16, 2009.

Richardson, a Cal State Fullerton honors graduate, was released from Lost Hills shortly after midnight the next day with no money or cell phone. Her purse was in her impounded car in the Malibu tow yard...

For six months, those in charge of the LA County Sheriff's office at Lost Hills have been caught in several blatant lies, one being that there was no video of Mitrice Richardson that night at the station. In the excerpt below we find a very BIG lie--not only was there video, but:

"On Monday, March 29, Latrice Sutton Mitrice's mother, and her close friend and the young woman’s college mentor, psychologist Ronda Hampton, were among the small group shown an
approximately two-hour tape, the existence of which was first adamantly denied by the LASD, but is now reluctantly acknowledged.
In a conference call with the Malibu Surfside News on Tuesday, Sutton contended that the video 'supports her theory that [sheriff’s] officers could very likely be involved in my daughter’s disappearance.'

She says, 'Two minutes after the jailer walked back from letting Richardson out the station’s side door, an officer in uniform went outside the station.' Sutton thinks he might have offered
her a ride back to her car, but...'
...Another aspect of the viewing that disturbs Sutton is that she says she was told by Lt. Michael Rosson, now the lead LASD investigator on the case, that the reason her daughter had to be taken to Lost Hills is she had no identification, but the booking slip indicates she had her California’s driver license that was returned to her after the booking process was completed.
But what the women describe...that was spotted by Sutton’s nephew, Jonathan Sutton, 'Who noticed that as the tape finished rolling and everyone’s attention was focused on Rosson, a
uniformed deputy can be seen exiting the station right after Richardson left.'
They asked that the tape be shown again, and those present say, 'There is no doubt that is what is on the tape minutes after [Richardson] was released.' Since that is not a shift time change, they are interpreting this ominously.

Sutton is now aggressively asking that the arresting deputies and all personnel at the station that night be investigated. Hampton added there appear to be what she calls 'blips' in the tape, which she thinks indicate editing.
The videographer...was not allowed to film the video with his equipment."

Dr. Ronda Hampton 951-660-8031;
LAPD Homicide Lt. Charles Knolls
and Detective Steven Eguchi
at 213-486-6900.

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