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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Casey Anthony Document Dump April, 2010

The Prairie Chicken
April 11, 2010

Below I've pasted some links to the letters so loudly hailed in the past week between Casey Anthony and Robyn Adams in the early months of Casey's incarceration at the Orange County jail.

Casey writes in an immature 'double-bubble' script that makes it hard to read at times. Any of the good information is in the links below, but what I noticed in reading through her letters was that when Jesse Grund was interviewed, he told Yuri Melich that Casey would morph into what ever person she needed/wanted to be.

He said that when she was with him and trying to win over his parents she was heavy with faith and gods love. With Tony she was totally into hip-hop or screech or what ever that music is called now.

Here--knowing Robyn is religious--Casey goes on and on like a Sunday School teacher. She says she wants to start an RV ministry together and travel the country, those two and Robyn's kids. But then she also says they should get a house together, where Casey's #1 must have is a king size bed, and then there is the sport's bar Casey wants to open.

So, Jesse is right. Casey was trying hard to morph into Robyn's world, but the materialism gave her away.

Also hilarious was Casey complaining about the clothes her mother brought her. Her mom has no control over how fat Casey's ass is getting. She probably expects some new items. Maybe some spring ensembles.

I still want to see Mallory Parker's interview. The fact that she has not been mentioned at all tells me she is one the prosecutions secret/surprise witness. Mark my word.

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