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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Updates From Search For Caylee Marie Anthony

ORLANDO, Fla. -- The search for Caylee Anthony began Saturday morning. WESH 2 News reporters were there and provided updates throughout the day:

5:15 p.m., by Reporter Amanda Ober: The volunteer searchers are starting to return to the search headquarters off Lee Vista Boulevard.
Many of them have been out since early this morning.

A representative for Equusearch confirms the bones found in Blanchard Park today were that of a pet dog that had been disposed of in a plastic bag. He said some students studying to be crime scene techinicians were able to identify the dog skeleton and law enforcement was never called out.

The two areas searchers focused their efforts on today were Moss Park and Blanchard Park.
The vast majority of searchers were looking for Caylee Anthony and a smaller amount searched areas linked to the Jennifer Kesse disappeaance.

The searchers will be back at it at 8 a.m. Sunday.

4 p.m., by Reporter Amanda Ober: A total of about 1,300 volunteers came out to help today in the search for Caylee Anthony and Jennifer Kesse.

There have been some discoveries of what appear to be animal bones at Blanchard Park and a few other locations.

An Equusearch representative said as far as she knew, sheriff's investigators had not been called in to look at any evidence. The volunteers have come from as far away as Canada and plan to search until dusk tonight.

They will resume searching tomorrow morning and Equusearch says, on Monday, it will reassess its plan.

In addition to the volunteers, dozens of bounty hunters have come in from all over the country at the request of bounty hunter Leonard Padilla.

9 a.m., by Reporter Craig Lucie: An empty field near Orlando International Airport is now flooded with people. There is a line of cars down Lee Vista still waiting to pull into to help in the search for Caylee.

The volunteers are from all over -- Canada, Puerto Rico, etc. Leonard Padilla just rolled up with his team. As always he was in his Padilla element, spitting out soundbites. I asked him what Casey would say about the crowd, and he said she would still be talking about Zanny the nanny and trying to control the world the way she wants it.

This is an amazing sight to see all of these people coming together. There are over 1,000, I would say, at 9 a.m. Buses, boats, ATVs are all waiting to take off. Everyone here has to sign a release, and then they meet up with a team.
Something interesting - there are 25 students from Palm Bay community college that are crime scene investigators in training. This is their chance to see what its like to take part in what could be a major crime scene if caylee is found...

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