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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Child killer Joseph Duncan III says he won't appeal death sentence

November 18, 2008
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A killer convicted of kidnapping and torturing two young siblings from Idaho says he doesn't plan to appeal his death sentence.

Joseph Edward Duncan III says in a letter filed Tuesday with a federal judge that any appeal initiated on his behalf was done against his wishes. The notice comes a day after Duncan's attorneys said he would appeal.

Duncan was given three death sentences and three life imprisonment sentences in federal court this year after kidnapping Dylan and Shasta Groene and killing the boy.

He was also given life in prison in state court for murdering their brother and their mother and her fiance.


Chess613 (via Facebook) said...

Hey.. I think that's Paul Reiser's picture, the guy who killed his wife Nina Reiser.

Janet said...

Hi Chess613
no, it's Joe. I'll post some other pictures. He just cleans up well. So did Ted Bundy...