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Monday, March 08, 2010

Casey Anthony has $112,000 in legal fees . . . and a trial date

Casey Anthony’s attorneys have already spent more than $100,000; trial date set for May 2011

By Amy L. Edwards, Orlando Sentinel
4:42 p.m. EST, March 8, 2010

Casey Anthony has run up $112,000 in fees for two of her attorneys and is asking the state to declare her indigent so the state will help pay for her expenses, according to court filings made public Monday...
In an affidavit signed last week, Anthony estimated fees for defense attorney Andrea Lyon, a professor at DePaul University in Chicago who is renowned for her work in death-penalty cases, at $22,500. She said the fees for Kissimmee lawyer Jose Baez total $89,454.83.
Anthony is accused of killing her daughter, 2-year-old Caylee Marie Anthony, in 2008.
In their motion, Lyon and Baez stated Casey Anthony doesn't have sufficient funds to pay costs associated with her defense.
Lyon represents Anthony pro bono and has not received any fees, the motion said. Lyon has incurred costs for transcripts, travel and investigation.
By Sarah Lundy,

By Susan Jacobson,

Feb 23, 2010
Anthonys Could Lose Family Home to foreclosure

ORLANDO, Fla. --
The home where Casey Anthony's parents live in east Orange County is in foreclosure...
Bank of America filed the foreclosure notice on the home on Monday. Bank officials said the Anthonys are eight months behind on their $785-per-month mortgage and owe a total of $120,978.27 including fees.

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Larry said...

I do not think Casey should be declared indigent. Florida taxpayers should not be picking up the tab. And if they are required to do so, Casey should receive a PUBLIC DEFENDER. Hopefully when this case goes to trial, justice will be served. I also hope Zenaida's name is cleared. I have been following the Anthony v. Gonzalez defamation lawsuit and I find it rather interesting. If you haven't read up on it, I suggest visiting the Morgan and Morgan website. An attorney from the firm is trying to clear Zenaida's name and the firm's site has a lot of information on the case.