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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Gary Michael Hilton Timeline

Gary Hilton Timeline

11-26-46 Born in Atlanta, Ga. to father William E. Hilton and mother Cleo M. Reynolds.

1964-1967 Hilton enlisted in the Army in 1964. According to Military records, Hilton spent some time in Germany and received basic airborne training along with his GED. He was honorably discharged in 1967.

1969 He was married to first wife Sue in DeKalb County, Georgia; divorced in 1971 in Miami Florida.

1970-1972 Qualified for a Florida chauffeur’s license from 1970 to 1972, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

11-09-07 1972 Arrest warrant dismissed, Miami Dade County. Florida. See following court action.

12-01-72 COURT CASE: F72008604 S
tate Case#: 131972CF0086040001XX
DOB: 11/22/1946
Date Filed: 12/01/1972
Date Closed: 11/09/2007 Warrant Type:

1-24-1973 He was convicted of DUI in Miami Dade County on Jan. 24, 1973. His Florida license was revoked for a year, and he never took steps to re-instate it.

08-24-77 Married Dina Evonne Baugh in DeKalb County, Ga; divorced on 05/16/1978.

03-19-79 Married third wife Betty Sue Edwards Galloway, a security officer for Atlanta’s Stone Mountain Park; they divorced 10-24-1979. Hilton apparently spared the world his spawn.

1983 Hilton was convicted in Clayton County of carrying a pistol without a license in a trial that convicted him of a drug charge. Asked in court why he carried a gun, he stated that he didn't need one, but that he had one for protection.-(!)

10-06-87 DeKalb County, Georgia
Criminal Case Information Case: 87C34780 ( Closed )
Filing Date: 10/06/1987 Type:
State Criminal Judge: J. ANTONIO DELCAMPO State Court

01-20-94 Hilton charged with 21 counts of solicitation.
Cobb County, Georgia
Criminal Case Number: 94900196 - 07
Judge: HINES Filing Date: 01/20/1994

12-01-94 Melissa Witt disappeared from Fort Smith, Franklin County, Arkansas on December first, 1994. More than a month later, her body was found in a rural area of Franklin County. Officers say while the crimes are separated by years and states, their similarities make it worth investigating a possible connection.

1995 "He was a weird character," said Chris C. Johnson, who rented a room to Hilton for several months in 1995 in the Marietta area; Marietta, Cobb County, Georgia http://www.ajc.com/metro/content/metro/gwinnett/stories/2008/01/12/hilton_0113.html

06-20-1995 Hilton pleads guilty under agreement to 21 counts of solicitation.
Cobb County, Georgia
Criminal Case Number: 94900196
Defendant #: 1
Probation Officer: HILTON GARY MICHAEL
Judge: HINES
Monthly Payment: $50.00
Sentence Date: 06/20/1995.

08-11-95 Hilton was arrested again in DeKalb County, Ga. for stealing books he was hired to sell for the American Book Display Company. Instead, he attempted to sell them for personal profit at a local flea market.

08-11-95 DeKalb County, Georgia
Criminal Case Information
Case: 95CR3990 ( Closed )
Filing Date: 08/11/1995 Type:
Superior Criminal Judge: ROBERT J. CASTELLANI Superior Court
Booking Link: 9519007
SPN Link : 00120663 --- 1 -- F 2317-
NO SENTENCE 0 DAY(S) 27-OCT-95--- 2 -- F 2317-
PROBATION 5 YEAR(S) 27-OCT-95--- 2 -- F 2317-

1997-2007 Around 1997 he answered a help wanted ad for Insulated Wall Systems, owned by John Tabor. For 10 years Hilton worked on and off to help the siding company market its services. Duluth, Gwinnett County, Georgia

10-22-97 Levi Frady was abducted from Little Mill Road in Forsyth County, Georgia http://www.wsbtv.com/news/15009776/detail.htmlhttp://www.ganet.org/gbi/homicides/frady.html
10-23-97 Levi Frady’s body found in Dawson Forest Wildlife Management Area in Dawson County, Georgia http://www.wsbtv.com/news/15009776/detail.htmlhttp://www.ganet.org/gbi/homicides/frady.html
04-12-98 Authorities in South Carolina and Georgia are working to establish a timeline in the 10 year old disappearance of Jason Knapp. The 20-year old Clemson University student vanished in April 1998. His car was found days later at the Table Rock State Park in Pickens, South Carolina.

01-18-01 DeKalb County, Georgia
Case Information Case: 01V75298 (Closed)
Filing Date: 01/18/2001
Type: Magistrate Abandoned Vehicle
Judge: WINSTON P BETHEL Magistrate Court
Secondary: Abandoned Motor Vehicle

04-15-04 Patrice Endres disappeared from her hair salon in Cumming, Dawson County, Georgia http://www.ajc.com/metro/content/metro/northfulton/stories/2008/01/10/hairdresser0110ns.html?cxntlid=inform

08-10-2004 An Atlanta man named William Brent told DeKalb County, Ga., police he had witnessed Hilton beating a dog in the park. http://www.tallahassee.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080114/NEWS01/801140319/-1/RSS18

12-06-05 Patrice Endres remains found behind a church in Dawson County, Georgiahttp://www.ajc.com/metro/content/metro/northfulton/stories/2008/01/10/hairdresser0110ns.html?cxntlid=inform

12-07-05 Rossana Miliani was in the area to go hiking. She was last seen in Bryson City, Swain County, North Carolina.

07-??-06 A neighbor called Duluth police in July 2006 to report Hilton soliciting at the intersection of River Summit Trail and Clearbrooke Way. He was handing out flyers, in which he used his dog Dandy, to advertise for a hardiplank siding business. Police quickly arrived. Duluth, Gwinnett County, Georgia.

09-??-07 John Tabor said in September he filed a compliant with authorities after Hilton threatened to kill him if he didn't pay Hilton $10,000. At that point, he told Hilton he had to leave his property. "He cleared out his stuff over the next few days," Tabor said. Duluth, Gwinnett County, Georgia.

10-21-07 John Bryant abducted, Irene Bryant was killed, Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina, near Ashville. Irene tried to call 911 at 4 pm but the call didn't go through.

10-22-07 Bryant’s bank card used at 7:35 pm to withdraw $300 from a machine at a bank in Ducktown, Tennessee.

10-26-07 12:51 PM Hilton on dash cam video, Cherokee County, Georgia. Hilton says he was stopped 6 hours earlier in Gwinnett County, Georgia

11-09-07 Irene Bryant’s body discovered just yards away from the Bryant’s car in Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina, near Ashville.

11-09-07 1972 Arrest warrant dismissed. Miami Dade County, Florida, see below.

11-17-07 Dept of Forestry runs Hilton’s vehicle tags. Apalachicola National Forest in Leon County, Florida.

11-21-07 Michael Scot Louis, 27, went missing November 21. There may be a period of time where Michael was been alive but unaccounted for. Found at Tomoka River, Ormond Beach, Volusia County, Florida

12-01-07 Cheryl Dunlap abducted. Tallahassee, Florida

12-02-07 Cheryl Dunlap’s card used first time at ATM, Tallahassee, Florida

12-03-07 Cheryl Dunlap’s card used second time at ATM, Tallahassee, Florida

12-04-07 Cheryl Dunlap’s card used third time at ATM, Tallahassee, Florida

12-06-07 Unidentified woman missing hands, feet and head was found in five black plastic garbage bags along Stitcher Road in LaGrange, which is west of Macon near the Alabama line. An attempt had been made to burn the bags. Lagrange, Troup County, Georgia

12-06-2007 Remains of Michael Scot Louis discovered at Tokama River, Ormond Beach, Volutia County, Florida. Michael went missing 11-21-2007, but coroner ruled he had been dead 2-7 days when found--he had been gone 16 days.

12-07, 12-08 and 12-09-2007 A witness places Hilton in Apalachicola National Forest in Leon County, Florida

12-15-07 Cheryl Dunlap’s body is found in the Apalachicola National Forest in Leon County, Florida

12-28-07 Dept of Forestry runs Hilton’s vehicle tags Osceola National Forest in Columbia County, Florida

12-29-07 Cayle Bywater missing from Athens, Georgia http://www.onlineathens.com/stories/011008/news_20080110058.shtml

01-01-08 Meredith Emerson kidnapped from Vogel State Park, Union County, Georgia

01-04-08 Murder warrant says that Meredith Emerson was murdered on this day in Dawson Forest Wildlife Management Area in Dawson County, Georgia

01-04-08 DeKalb County police took Hilton into custody. Emerson's dog, Ella, wandered into a grocery store, and Emerson’s belongings found nearby in Forsyth County, Georgia

01-07-08 Gary Hilton appeared in court and was denied bond. Meredith Emerson’s body was found in a wooded area of Dawson Forest Wildlife Management Area in Dawson County, Georgia.
01-11-08 An Athens-Clarke County police spokesperson said during a press conference Friday night the body found in an Athens lake is missing University of Georgia student Cayle Bywater. Athens, Clarke County, Georgia

01-18-08 Second Van found.


Anonymous said...

my mother was dina evonne hilton.she goes by the name evonne hilton still.i was about six .he was an asshole then.he used to kick my ass for not eating all my food.etc funny how i never thought about it until i heard his name(i did,just never thought of his name). i was only 60 percent sure it was him.then my girlfriend found my mothers name.kinda wonder if he is my father.because my mother just moved to atlanta-then got married?.all i know is that my father was married when she had me & she hated.him.i still remember them smoking pot then.deitrichthird@yahoo.com

Prairie Chicken said...

Hi Anon,
wow. I am truly glad that you and your mother are alive to tell about it. Do you have siblings? You think that HILTON may be your father? I'll bet he was and still is an asshole. He didn't seem to be married to anyone over one year. I am sorry you had to deal with him in your life. I would be interested to hear more from you. Am currently working on an updated timeline and am transfering most info about him to http://appalachiantrailmurders.blogspot.com/

Glenn Adams said...

Prairie Chicken, my site is www.glennindawson.blogspot.com


Wolfscratch: My confirmed description of Hilton: Evil, Demonic, Canibalistic, Ritual, CJD; infected: SERIAL KILLER: HANNIBAL LECTUR OF THE 20TH AND 21ST CENTURY!


Glenn Adams said...

09-??-07 John Tabor said in September he filed a compliant with authorities after Hilton threatened to kill him if he didn't pay Hilton $10,000. At that point, he told Hilton he had to leave his property. "He cleared out his stuff over the next few days," Tabor said. Duluth, Gwinnett County, Georgia.

The above dte is 09/26/08, according to my info. Tabor had paid Hilton $2500.00 and $600.00, of this amount before contacting the GBI. Tabor, contacted the GBI on 01/03/08, after Hilton called him from the Huddle House/Marble Hill GA.
Why did he set up the scheme to meet Hilton in Atlanta 24 hours later? Meredith was alive in his van, when the call was made. The call lasted over 10 minutes, according to the HH employees. Hilton was very loud, abusive, anxious, and cursing. Tabor, stated that he was calm. Why the discrepancy?
Deadly Run Movie went straight to video in 1995. Sam Rael was the Producer. Rael and Taor, both lawyers, hd an office together in th 80's according to my inf.
The movie is about a hunting club, IMO. Have you ever seen a hunting club with one member?
The GA Film Commission lists the credits for the movie. There is one omission, that is usully listed for films shot on location: "SECURITY."
I have backtracked Hilton, for almost 4 months. What I report is not conjecture. He lived in Wolfscratch Wilderness, for decades, and has left a tragic trail of devastation.
Why was he oblivious to Law Enforcement for decades?
Why did John not make a simple 911; call, my 7 year old grandchild would have. Why was the response time to the Huddle House, that tragic day over 4 hours.

Wolfscratch: I feel that Meredith's right to: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness, was denied her. May she and his many, many victims, rest in peace...

Glenn Adams said...

Sorry, the date should read 09/26/07. Local; Law Enforcement, was not advised of Hilton's presence by the GBI. I found this out when a Pickens Co Sheriff's deputy told my wife a couple of weeks after the incident that he had found out about it only a couple of days ago. My info says that he was waved at by LE, and ran off from the Atlanta Tract of Dawson Forest, by a Park Official, with Meredith in the Van. What a tragedy.


Glenn Adams said...

Steve Segars: Meredith Emerson: Blood Mtn. Hiker's boyfriend gave a heartwrenching testimony of their relationhip and her Angelic; spirit:. If you go to this site, you will see why she has touched so many people:
http://www.accessatlanta.com/blog- s/content/shared-blogs/accessatla- n/radiotalk/entries/2008/01/09/110erts_take.html

Glenn Adams said...

A personal message:
In Memory of Meredith Emerson

Meredith had a great love for animals. She adopted her beloved Ella, who is now 1 year old, as a puppy from a rescue organization. Everyone has fallen in love with Ella, and she will go home with Meredith's family to live.

Because of Meredith's deep connection to animals, her family suggests that those wanting to make a donation in her memory give to Longmont Humane Society through this page.

Thank you so much for remembering Meredith this way.

Please go this site and read how this kiindred spirit has affected complete strangers with her love for animals and humanity.. :http://www.firstgiving.com/meredithemerson

This horrible tragedy can never defeat Meredith's radiant, inspiring spirit and courage.
Frances 4/2/2008 I am a hiker, martial arts trained, & have a dog that resembles Ella, so my empathy is beyond words.
Diane, Dave, Sampson & Katie 3/29/2008 I am very sorry for you loss, our thoughts and prayers are with you!
Dave, Marshon & Trevor 3/27/2008 Meredith's light will shine on forever! All our love and prayers...
deborah m 3/27/2008 Peace to Meredith's family
Betty & Richard Britt 3/27/2008 May the precious memories of Meredith & the enduring love of Ella bring peace to your hearts.
The Morelli Family 3/24/2008 Meredith embodied the true meaning of human kindness. May peace be with your family.
Anonymous 3/24/2008 In memory of Meredith. I will always admire her bravery.
Sarah 3/24/2008
Ken & Kelly Brunnemer 3/24/2008 God Bless
KEVIN BLANKENSHIP 3/23/2008 So sorry for your loss
Lisa Mayo 3/13/2008
anonymous 3/12/2008 Meredith is not forgotten! God's blessings

Wolfscratch; She was a kindred spirit and a Fighter, she still is, may she rest in peace high up on that mountain...www.glennindawson.blogspot.com
Appalacian Trail Murders Bonnie's Crime Blog


Wolfscratch: Glenn Adams

Glenn Adams said...

12-01-07 Cheryl Dunlap abducted. Tallahassee, Florida

12-02-07 Cheryl Dunlap’s card used first time at ATM, Tallahassee, Florida

12-03-07 Cheryl Dunlap’s card used second time at ATM, Tallahassee, Florida

12-04-07 Cheryl Dunlap’s card used third time at ATM, Tallahassee, Florida

My info says: $3000.00 was deposited to Cheryl Dunlap's account by LE, hoping that he would use her ATM a fourth time. He is cagey, calculating, and knew when to abort a mission.
Why did he not use the ATM card until the following day after her abduction? He is a ritual killer and tied his victims to a tree until sundown. He was emulating; "Joshua", of the Old Testament, in an evil way...

Wolfscratch: JMHO

Glenn Adams said...

If you are having difficulty going to Steve Segrs; audio testimony, fo to : http://www.ajc.com/news/mplayer/ajc audio/56148 Steve Segars, is a gwinnett county firefighter. I did not know this until about a month ago. Irony everywhere, his testimony is from the heart. one of the parts that hit me the hardest was the story about the scarf in the plane; trying to make a connection from up above..

Very inspirational, an shines a light on Meredith Emerson to show why her kindred spirit has affected so many, even complete strangers.
She was my neighbor for just 4 days...


Glenn Adams said...

It is very interesting to read the inventory list of Hilton's van; the various sizes of the articles of clothing, the various articles of clothing etc. If families or loved ones recognize any of these items, they should post it on this site and call the proper authorities. Many of the items are the same items that I found while backtracking Hilton since 01/06/08. I have items of clothing, purses, gas cannisters, shovel, van seats, backpack, batterypacks, real estate signs on a site he was at, that read: Murphy, NC; mountain property. I have talked to several people that actually talkled to him in these sites. What I have posted since 01/06/08, is not conjecture. Hilton's reign of terror has went on for decades. The magnitude of which is enormous. I have dowsed many gravesites, had my findings verified by a master dowser, and called in the K9's, but they were blocked. It is my opinion that Hilton, had associates over the years. Go to the: LEVI Frady; website and you will see for yourself. Hilton, had no profile like most serial killers.He was ruthless and showed no human emotions. He was self diagnosed with MS, and was taking huge quantities of riddilin. IMO, he has CJD, from his cannibalism. Research this. http://alt.coxnewsweb.com/ajc/pdf/hiltonlist.pdf

Prairie Chicken said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Susie said...

In 1974 a classmate of mine was murdered. She was found bound to a tree, raped? and "cut up alot". Her murder was never solved. Her name was CHERYL LYNN STROTHER. She was just 16 when she was murdered. Her body was found in the woods around FT. Knox, Ky. The similarities between the circumstances of Cheryl's murder and Hilton's MO are striking. Where did he recieve his (military) basic training? Has he ever been known to be in the FT. Knox area? Cheryl's death has haunted me, and many of our classmates, for many years! Thanks for any imput...

Glenn Adams said...

Very sorry about your friend Cheryl Lynn Strother. A tragic end to a precious life.
Link: http://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?s=%2010dcc7305cfbacaeef7a8156ac19c86e&t=58543

Gary Hilton, said to the jailers at the Dawson County, GA; Jailers, when asked, if you are so intelligent, why were you caught. His response, "They haven't caught me since I was 14 years old!"
Please notify the LE that is working the cold case to compare the dna, now that it is available.
GMH, is being investigated even before birth. All media has been silenced; loocal & national.
GMH's IQ is 150+. LE thought of him as a dried up old drifter. He was/is cagey, calculating, deflective, has no profile: Levi Fradi; 11 year old boy to Irene Bryant 84 years old, man woman, boy, black, white, only a preference 120# 25 year old female. I am confident that he had associates.

I went to Blood Mtn., Blairsville, GA, today and placed the marble memorial for Meredith Hope Emerson, that is shown on http://glennindawson.blogspot.com
at the Mtn Crossings Trading Post: Herbert Reece Trail, where she was abducted.

Glenn Adams said...

Hello Prairie Chicken, hope you are doing fine.
finally received a visit from LE. They took many of the items to the lab for testing....

Glenn Adams said...

The following is a possible victim map of Hilton’s. It is only preliminary. I am confident that his victim total will exceed 150+, and those are only the ones that are deceased. Many were suspected,indicted, and encarcerated. LE didn't know his identity til 09/07...:
may they rest in peace…



Janet said...

Susie--I have been trying to find out information on her since your post and could find nothing, then Glenn posted the webslueth site, so thank you, both. I'll put something together for her. I'm dealing with "wry neck" so have been slow lately.

Janet said...

Glenn, good to hear from you! I think what you have done with Merediths memorial is wonderful. Did you take any photo's? If so, could you post one or two? I have your site bookmarked, but you haven't updated, so I was afraid you'd stopped posting. I stay off Greta mostly. Mean people...

I glad LE is finally listening. I'll be anxious to hear what comes of it. Keep in touch, please.

And thanks for the Cheryl link!
You have a big heart. I hope you have a great year.

Glenn Adams said...

Janet, sorry to hear about the wry neck, take care of yourself.
Gained alot of info from the LE visit. Ottis Toole's name was brought up(two months before the 'Adam Walsh', case was closed), IQ of GMH, what he looked for when selecting victims...
Of all the items; backpack, clothing(man, woman, child) hiking clothes,garrote, that I have found backtracking GMH, the agent was only interested in one item: A silver cross on a necklace. This was with the other items, but was mine. I wore it while dowsing for protection.
Satan Worshipers, don't wear silver...

Glenn Adams said...

Correction on my last statement:

Satan Worshipers, don't wear Gold..


Glenn Adams said...

Burn delayed for area near fugitive's armed camp
Jon Ostendorff • JOstendorff@CITIZEN-TIMES.com • published December 10, 2008 12:15 am

Read Comments(1)

Comments on Topix forums (click to comment):

BREVARD – A Henderson County fugitive had equipment to make booby traps in a camp where federal investigators allegedly found gunpowder and guns, a U.S. Forest Service spokesman said Tuesday.

John Joseph Hiles' camp in the Pink Beds area of Pisgah National Forest was a quarter-mile from Yellow Gap Road. The area is one of the most popular in the region for hiking and mountain biking. It is also popular with hunters this time of year.

The government had planned to burn hundreds of acres in the area on Tuesday to clear underbrush to aid in searching for more ammunition and explosives.

The Forest Service postponed the burn because of the rain.

Hiles, 45, was camping in the woods after failing to appear in court on charges of misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia, felony manufacturing marijuana and maintaining a vehicle for selling drugs.

Investigators charged him with growing 15 marijuana plans in his 1984 Ford Ranger pickup truck in May, according to an arrest warrant. He had potting soil, cups and fertilizer in the truck to use in the growing operation, according to the court papers.

Hiles was being held in Henderson County with bond set at $20,500.

He is scheduled for a court appearance on Friday. The court papers listed his address as “general delivery,” which is often used by law enforcement when a person doesn't have a home address.

Officials with the Henderson County Sheriff's Office did not return messages Tuesday seeking more details.

U.S. Forest Service agents and deputies from the Transylvania County Sheriff's Office captured Hiles on Nov. 21. He had placed a classified advertisement looking for a ride out of the state.

A Forest Service agent responded to the ad and met Hiles in the forest, where he was arrested.

The Forest Service closed the area and posted signs warning the public about the possibility of explosives in the woods after finding the camp, Forest Service spokesman Terry Seyden said.

The area remains closed. Safety measures include a new metal gate at the fire road leading to the camp off Yellow Gap Road, warning signs and increased law enforcement patrols.

News of the camp and Hiles arrest surprised some forest users.

“It's bizarre,” said Van Rogers, president of the Pisgah Area Southern Off-road Bicycle Association, who was mountain biking in the Pink Beds area two weeks ago. “I could have been potentially riding around some of that stuff.”

The camp wasn't near a maintained trial, Seyden said.

He said authorities found equipment for making bullets in addition to guns and gunpowder at the camp.

The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is investigating, Seyden said. A message left with the agency seeking more details wasn't returned Tuesday.

Federal authorities don't typically discuss ongoing investigations beyond details available in public court documents.

Hiles had not been charged with a federal crime.

Seyden said he did not know how many guns, how much gunpowder or what materials that could be used for making bobby traps were stashed in the woods.

Those details are not public because of the federal investigation, he said.

He also said it is unclear whether any more munitions would be found.

“We don't have hard evidence that there is anything out there,” he said.

He said the burn will cover a large area — up to 400 acres — to make sure firefighters setting and controlling the blaze are safe if hidden ammunition or power explodes. The burn area is much larger than the actual camp area as a safety precaution, Seyden said.

Yellow Gap Road is the same place where hiker Irene Bryant was killed last year.

Georgia drifter Gary Michael Hilton is the only suspect in her death.

Federal authorities in North Carolina are expected to charge him after a state court in Florida tries him for the murder of a woman on national forest land there. The case in Florida is still a year away, prosecutors have said.

Staff writer Mike McWilliams contributed to this article.




Autopsy Reveals John Bryant Shot
Gary Michael Hilton, confessed murderer in the slaying and beheading murder of Meredeth Emerson, is also a suspect in the murders of John Bryant and his wife Irene.

John and Irene were an elderly couple who were hiking in the mountains in North Carolina when they disappeared last October, 2007. Irene was found dead soon after the disappearance. John's body was found by a hunter in February, 2008.

The site where Mr. Bryant’s body was discovered appeared to be an illegal dumping ground.

An autopsy report released this week revealed John Bryant died from a gunshot to his head after being taken from Pisgah National Forest where he had been hiking with his wife.

Medical examiners used Mr. Bryant’s pacemaker to identify his body. The autopsy reported the presence of unfired but partially opened red shotgun shells containing birdshot and a piece of wire, small fragments of paper-like material and vegetation.

Now that a firearm has come into play, the case may hold more precedence to be tried federally.

The Bryants ATM card was used the day after they disappeared, which is one of Hilton's MO's.

Hilton also has been indicted in the death of 46-year-old Cheryl Hodges Dunlap.

Read resource story details....


This description of items found near Mr. John Bryant's Remains, has always haunted me:

The autopsy reported the presence of unfired but partially opened red shotgun shells containing birdshot and a piece of wire, small fragments of paper-like material and vegetation.

Now that a firearm has come into play, the case may hold more precedence to be tried federally.


Glenn Adams said...

Hilton Case Material Released Soon Save Email Print

Posted: 8:07 PM Jan 9, 2009
Last Updated: 8:07 PM Jan 9, 2009
Reporter: Heather Biance
Email Address: heather.biance@wctv.tv



A | A | A Material from the case between the State of Florida versus Gary Hilton may soon be released to the public.

Leon County Circuit Judge Terry Lewis filed an order Friday, that will allow a limited amount of information of case related material to be released to the public to insure a fair trial to both the state and the Defendant.

The released information will be filled into the Clerk of the Circuit Courts once there's been a final approval.

Hilton is accused of murdering Crawfordville woman, Cheryl Dunlap and faces the death penalty if convicted.

Finally, a little 'Sunshine' from the Sunshine State..

Glenn Adams said...

Interesting reading althougth dated: http://www.justiceforchandra.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3501

Snipet from a couple of Ralph Daughtery's comments:

He was nearly 40 years old at the time but was very into survivalist if you will. He talked about Nam a lot and when the guy he later ran over a couple of times with his pickup pointed a finger toward him to make some point (I'm not sure exactly, I wasn't paying that close attention),

Hilton said, "I'll eat that finger".

I had to intervene to sort of cool things off before he jumped across the table.


But it was Hilton. Hilton wanted to kill people, even back then.

One other note of interest. Hilton and his friend Rodney and the people they brought with them, family and Rodney's girlfriend who audibly gasped at my testimony, were living in Cumming at the time.

That's apparently why we keep seeing Hilton's name come up in Cumming in murders. It's not a coincidence.

Hilton should have been put away a long time ago and never let out. May Meredith Emerson and all of Hilton's other victims rest in peace.

This victim got lucky.




Note: Cumming, GA, is only a 10 minute drive from the Atlanta Tract of Dawson Forest WMA, where Levi Frady, Patrice Endres, and Meredith Hope Emerson's Remains were located

Glenn Adams said...

Until recently the only book that I have read since college is 'Wolfscratch Wilderness'; a walk back in time of this area of the Apalacians in North GA, where I live. Unless of course, you count the 380+ pages of redacted pretrial evidence, in the Death Penalty Trial of Gary Hilton, for the abduction and murder of Cheryl Dunlap in Tallahassee, FL.

I am confident that the books given to Cheryl Dunlap, and Meredith Emerson, by GMH, came from used book and thrift stores. GMH, had been seen in the Jasper, GA ; Thrift Store, while holding Meredith Emerson hostage.

I have had excess time on my hands lately and thought I would go to the Jasper Thrift store and check out their selection of books. Of 3 shelves of books, 1 shelf was dedicated to 'Serial Killers'. I purchased several of the books. After researching the authors, I found that although the stories are fiction,(portrayed as fiction, for liability purposes) many are based on actual events, with consultants from the Mental Health Field, LE, profilers, & Justice Officials, both retired and active.
The events of one of the books 'MASKS', by Sallie Bissell, took place in Pisgah, NC, where John & Irene Bryant; 2 of GMH's eldest victims were abducted.

The last book that I read is titled 'Mind Tryst', by Robin Carr. After reading the book, I inadvertently opened the cover and saw where the books original purchase was made:





(Clairmont Rd. is aprox 70 miles from the Jasper Thrift Store)

This is Gary M. Hilton's old stomping grounds...Coincidence, maybe...

Gary Hilton: Misfit with a mean streak | ajc.com

Gary Hilton was officially charged with the murder of hiker Meredith .... though Tabor let Hilton live at a building he owned on Clairmont Road
Something that I noticed to be curious about the majority of the over 25 books purchased was that their copyright dates were from the 1980's to the late 1990's.
Many of the books were of serial killers that were copycat killers of individual serial killers past.
Gary Michael Hilton, had no victim profile, breaks all molds of serial killers profiled, changed his MOs, signature, and method of abduction.
He was/is very evil, creative and emulated a soldier on a perpetual maneuver,
as well as a 'Traveling Preacher', long distant hiker, kayaker, and others.
some quotes from Hilton interview done by NC LE/April 2008


When asked how the other prisoners & guards treated him, GMH said:

"No one messes with me here. They treat me real good."

"I've got my own T.V. 'I READ'. I've got my meals cooked, served...the dishes are washed. My laundry is done....Hey, I love it!"

"I'm gonna f------ raise hell, total hell. I'm not gonna be happy unless it takes three to four years to go to trial. Unless we have a 1,000 person jury pool, and unless we have at least two changes of venue. And that's just to begin with (laughs)."

Wolfscratch: may his many, many victims rest in peace...

Glenn Adams said...

The Crime Library - Robert Hansen; ^ ExploreNorth - Robert Hansen, A Serial Killer in Alaska; ^ Portraits of Serial Killers - Robert Hansen ...

WE TV; FBI Files, tonight was about Robert Hansen: The Alaskan Serial Killer,that I am confident Gary M. Hilton, based the 1994 Movie; 'Deadly Run.' The documentary went into more detail than is available on the net, and involved actual investigators that worked the case.
Snipet from John Douglas; FBI Profiler on the Hansen: Serial Killer case:http://www.francesfarmersrevenge.com/stuff/serialkillers/profiling.htm
Hunting the Hunter
I began to get an idea of how Hansen operated, and it gave me a cold, sick feeling in my stomach. It seemed clear to me that he was definitely the killer, but he wasn't simply killing these women. I believed he was releasing them into the woods and then hunting them down like animals—and this proved to be the case....

We gave our assessment to the authorities, and they were able to get a search warrant. Hansen's rifle, which matched the bullets that killed the four women, was found at his home, along with some cheap jewelry, ID cards, and other items taken from them. There was also a sort of "journal," an aviation map marked with the locations of his victims' bodies.

Confronted with the evidence, Hansen confessed.
Agent John Douglas profiled Hansen to a tee. He had pegged him with a studder or lisp, as an independent business owner, with a family. Hansen owned a bake shop where LE frequented(pastries) and was a pillar of the community.
Although one of his victims escaped and went to police, Hansen was able to persuade them that the accusation was false. The Anchorage PD closed the case by order of the Chief. The Alaska State Patrol had an active Serial Killer investigation in progress at the time....
I am confident that GMH, based the 'Deadly Run' movie, on Hansen's trail of terror, using his mo and signature of hunting his prey in the Wilderness, as a template. http://www.wctv.tv/home/headlines/16683281.html ) on Hansen's Trail of Terror. Robert Christian Hansen, was convicted for the murder of only 4 women, which most were prostitutes, but admitted to over 33 victims in Alaska. He was originally from Iowa, and LE was confident that he had many victims, before moving to Alaska.
Hansen was an arsonist and mirrored many of GMH's personality traits.
Their were many, many parallels to GMH. In fact you could switch names in the documentary and it would have been virtually identical to GMH's trail of Terror, except GMH, had no victim profile.
He began killing prostitutes around 1980. After paying for their services, he would kidnap and rape them; he would then fly them out to his cabin in the Knik River Valley in his private plane and stalk and kill them with a hunting knife and a .223-caliber Ruger Mini-14 rifle.
Said he would toy with his prey for days once reaching the Wilderness and then hunt them. Although he would vary his methods of abduction, he would handcuff them as soon as he put them in the vehicle, then pull a pistol on them. Said that if they tried to alert help, that he would kill/shoot them and the rescuer.(sound familiar?)
Something interesting from the Behavioral Science Unit/FBI; the Trophys/souveneirs could be any personal item of the victims; clothing, jewelry, or even Dr. Licenses. They are kept to relive the evil acts in the future.

Anonymous said...

This is a helpful profile and chronology of events regarding this demon. It is difficult to find cohesive info about him, including Wikipedia, and I pray that anyone who suspects he may have something to do with a missing loved one reads this and contacts the authorities. There was at least one active known predator affecting hikers in the SE for at least 2 decades, and I hope he has been caught.

Be safe, all.

Glenn Adams said...

http://search.aol.com/aol/search?query=gary+hilton+campsite+fannin+co+ga&s_it=client_searchboxHunter Finds Murderer Gary Hilton's Campground
Posted: 9:55 am EDT September 17, 2009
Updated: 3:33 pm EDT September 17, 2009

JACKSON, Ga. -- A hunter accidentally found camping supplies, clothes and books belonging to convicted killer Gary Michael Hilton in the Chattahoochee National Forest, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

It happened last Friday at a concealed campsite and the hunter thought the supplies were illegally dumped or stolen.

Fannin County Sheriff's Sgt. Justin Turner said it's an area Hilton frequented.

Hilton is serving life in prison for the January 2008 murder of Buford hiker Meredith Emerson, 24. Emerson was reported missing on New Year's Day 2008 when she failed to return from a hiking trip. Her body was found a week later.

Hilton is also awaiting trial in the decapitation of hiker Cheryl Dunlap, of Tallahassee, Fla. Dunlap's body was found Dec. 19, 2007 in the Apalachicola National Forest, southwest of Tallahassee.

SLIDESHOW: Hilton's Suspected Victims


Hilton also is suspected in the slayings of an elderly North Carolina couple -- Irene Bryant, 84, and her husband, John Bryant, 80. Officials said the Bryants disappeared while hiking in the Pisgah National Forest near Asheville. Irene Bryant had been beaten to death. John Bryant's skeletal remains were found in Feb. 2008.

The GBI turned over the items to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Officials have contacted the North Carolina Bureau of Investigation and are investigating whether items can be tied to the Bryants' killings.

I rode up to the Cooper's Creek Campsite/Staging Area today in Fannin County, GA. Note, this where Gary Hilton was enroute too on 01/01/08 after abducting Meredith Hope Emerson. He rerouted in Dahlonega, GA due to LE working an accident and 2" of snow on the road. He ended up in an abandoned house near my Home in Dawson County, GA.

Below is the info that dug up today:

The Campsite at Cooper Creek WMA was on White Horse Trail. I talked to a couple that was camping at the WMA, that eye witnessed the items:

multiple duffle bags full of clothes and books
hand trucks; dolly
pistols; pellet and unknown if any were actual firearms.

One of the duffle bags contained plastic bags and had Gary Hilton's name on it. The plastic bag contained a pair of lady's panties. That is why LE was called in by the Park Official imediately.

Glenn Adams said...

I have commented many times concerning Gary Michael Hilton, torching his fiance's house in 1982, with occupants in Dekalb Co., GA. Why wasn't GMH, incarcerated since 1982? Why is the media(local & national)silent and not reporting this?

From a concerned citizen(GA Peach), who filed a FOIA request and after numerous delays:
HE: Gary Michael Hilton
************************************************** *************

He set two gallon jugs of gasoline in the carport of the Green family home with 2 strings leading up the driveway where he sat in his "BLACK CAMERO" ( A NEW CAR TO ADD TO THE LIST OF HIS VEHICLES) then set the strings on fire. They, Ms. Green and her family (her sister and brother) members heard a noise ran out of the house and were able to put out the fire with a hose. It happened at 0001 hours. When Hilton was driving off he hit a parked car, thus the hit & run charge. One of the young ladies in the Green family had dated Hilton a few times, but broke it off. That was in Feb. 1982. In May, 2 weeks before the fire on May 28, 1982 he started calling to harass her asking if she wanted to make some money prostituting for him. She said he sounded like he had eaten a few ludes and she hung up on him. He was arrested on First Degree Arson charges and booked into Dekalb County jail. He lived at the time at 5135 West Mountain St. #A-17, Stone Mountain, GA. The report indicates the Green's signed statements that they knew who the arsonist was and could positively identify him as Hilton, but I guess he just found a way to talk his way out of it or the girls were just too afraid of him and what he might do next.

Case #82-103081 & #82-103082, the report ends with case is closed and cleared, pending criminal prosecution. Hilton signed for a copy of the report on June 11, 1982.

Inmate's Booking Details
Last Name First Name / MI SPN # Birth Date Age At Booking Released
HILTON GARY MICHAEL 00120663 22-NOV-46 35 28-MAY-82
Arrested: 28-MAY-82 Released: 28-MAY-82 Arresting Officer: Badge: 1921 Agency: DEKALB COUNTY POLICE DEPT Arrest Number: 82103081
*Booking No: 8210583 Booked-In: 28-MAY-82 04:05 PM Booked-Out: 28-MAY-82 08:37 PM

Charges from Jail System
No. Seq
No. Maint.
Code Charge Level / Code
and Description Offense
Date Disposition
Desc Disposition
Date Sentence
Description Sentence
Length Start
176776 -- --
177723 -- --
M S40-6-270--Hit and run; duty of driver to stop at or return to scene of

Glenn Adams said...

onard dino sclafani Says:
June 1st, 2009 at 4:25 pm

i was a friend of Gary Hilton 50 years ago in Hialeah Florida when we were in junior high school together, he said i was his only friend almost,and told me a few things that were sort of strange and i never forgot them or him 50 years later,till his defense attorney contacted me yesterday and asked if we could talk,what she said shocked me ,the way he changed and what he had done ,im sorry i couldn’t have changed his life somehow or other.he was a quiet guy,we would swim in the Miami river together ,from his back porch,it was a good time then.dino in sunny miami out.http://www.crimerant.com/?p=1553

Haven't verified this but I think Scargrot is Dino..

Scarrgot's post on Websleuths/Cheryl Dunlap Thread today:

I have been mostly lurking on this discussion for quite some time. I do have something to add but understand that I am not going into detail for several reasons. First of all, I knew GMH from age 14 - 17 in Miami Florida. I went to school with him. He attended Miami Springs Junior High School in 9th grade and then entered Hialeah High School in 10th grade. He dropped out of school in either his junior or senior year in high school to join the army. The last time I saw him in person was either 1963 or 1964 when he stopped by the high school I attended and told me he was joining the army. When I knew him he lived in Hialeah with his mother and step father. Hialeah is a large suburban city within Metropolitan Miami area. The incident referred to at age 14 was a domestic disturbance between him,his mother and step father. His step father was shot during the disturbance. His step father lived, it was a juvenile court issue, no charges were filed to my knowledge.

He called me in 1982 when I was living in another state. He had gotten my phone number from a family member in Miami by telling them he was someone else, representing a fictitious company and needed to get in touch with me. We spoke briefly and I hung up on him because he seemed to be talking very strangely. I had no contact with him after that.

I have been contacted by the Public Defenders office in Tallahassee, therefore I do not intend to say anything in detail here that could possibly affect any potential testimony I might have to give at a later date.

CP by Wolfscratch from Websleuths/Cheryl Dunlap: Food for Thought

Glenn Adams said...

Beware this is very graphic, yet interesting info brought to my attention by an internet researcher:


Pay close attention to Shane's comment. If verified, this would be way out there in Hannibal Lecter category.


Necrophilia is the practice of having sex with corpses. Necrophilia, a Greek word that means “love of the dead”. It is a very common act among serial killers. Various well-known serial killers have been diagnosed with necrophilia, such as: Earl Leonard Nelson a/k/a “Gorilla Man”, which is known as the first American serial sex killer of the twentieth century. Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein and many more among the ones mentioned. Although necrophilia seems to be rare and uncommon in our society, it is a very common disorder within a serial killers profile


Interview by GBI(CB) of Gary M. Hilton(GMH) enroute to Dawson Forest WMA on 01/07/08 to locate Meredith Hope Emerson's remains:









Wolfscratch: GMH, is very deflective...

Glenn Adams said...

I took a road trip back up to Suches, GA to GMH's campsite on 01/07/09: New information gathered-

A Dog Skeleton was found tied to a tree in the site. When GMH was arrested on 01/04/08, his dog Dandy was with him in his van.
Who's dog was tied to the tree? An unknown victim?
On my return trip home that evening, I had the unfortunate experience of Southern Justice by the Fannin and Union County Sheriff's Department.
I will elaborate in my next comment.


The Campsite at Cooper Creek WMA was on White Horse Trail. I talked to a couple that was camping at the WMA, that eye witnessed the items:

multiple duffle bags full of clothes and books
hand trucks; dolly
pistols; pellet and unknown if any were actual firearms.

One of the duffle bags contained plastic bags and had Gary Hilton's name on it. The plastic bag contained a pair of lady's panties. That is why LE was called in by the Park Official imediately.
September 22, 2009 6:38 PM

Glenn Adams said...

Tyrra Meserve, grew up in San Diego, during the 'Night Stalker' tragedy. It left a deep impact on her as well as the entire community.
The following is a snipet of a true story written by her:

A Close Encounter With A Killer Mind By Tyrra B Meserve Greene Publishing, Inc.Since the beginning of time, within every culture, in every society, there have been those who are incapable of adapting and blending within the boundaries of their communal environment.

Driven by a force that is incomprehensible to the peers upon which they prey, they feed on the terror and panic their crimes leave in the heart of the community. Unable to control their carnal desires for more than just brief moments, they reside in the dark recesses of the mind, opportunistically seizing victims to compensate for shortcomings they themselves are unable to overcome.

Behind false smiles, it is truly then that the eyes become the window to the soul, or in some cases, the lack thereof.In most instances, the serial killer acts alone, extracting pleasure from the anonymity that he presents. However, in rare cases, these predators find in each other a kindred mind, linking up to work together, proving the old adage of water seeking its own level, even for heinous reasons. Whether the union is long-term, or short-lived, these serial killing partners present a unique problem for law enforcement officers trying to solve crimes....


Samuel Rael, a Dekalb County lawyer, visited Gary Michael Hilton, at the Dawson County Detention Center, on 10/07/08, the day GMH, led investigators to Dawson Forest WMA; Atlanta Tract; Shoal Creek Rd., where Meredith Hope Emerson's remains were located in two seperate locations...

Samuel Rael is not only a lawyer, he has also produced movies -- including one that went straight to video in 1995. The title: "Deadly Run." It's about a man who stalks, tortures, and kills women in the north Georgia mountains.


For those that haven't viewed the 'Deadly Run' movie:

STALKS, in Hunting terminology means to Track Down or Pursue your quarry or prey in the Forest...

Gary Michael Hilton's Prey or Quarry, as in the movie were abducted Human Beings.

Three pellet guns were found in GMH's van when arrested on 01/04/08. More pellet guns were found hidden in GMH's Fannin County, GA Campsite/Staging Area last month. If firearms were utilized in these hunts, the prey would be disabled or killed, ending the hunt.

Pellet guns, although can be lethal with the proper shot at close range, will usually only cause injury and pain, while inflicting an enormous amount psychological torture to the intended victim or prey. If pellet guns were used instead of firearms, the hunt could be repeated and could last for several days....

The Deadly Run movie is based on a 'Solitaire Serial Killer' stalking many women in the Forest for Sport.

Gary Hilton's explanation for the pellet guns. was that they were only used to repel stray dogs.

The obvious question that comes to mind is: 'Why Six Pellet Guns?

Did Gary Michael Hilton: Prolific Serial Killer have Associates?

I am confident that he did....


Glenn Adams said...

'Right To Hike'... In Memory of 'Meredith Hope Emerson', "An Evening of Hope":


In Memory of the Victims of Crime:


WS: Prospective: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYQT4MxQxRE


Glenn Adams said...

From - Women In Crime:

Wolfscratch said...
Agent John Douglas profiled Hansen to a tee. He had pegged him with a studder or lisp, as an independent business owner, with a family. Hansen owned a bake shop where LE frequented(pastries) and was a pillar of the community.

Pat Brown said...
Actually, Douglas didn't actually profile Hansen before he was on police radar. He was already a suspect and the police asked what he thought about him being the guy and Douglas then analyzed his behavior. And he already knew he had a lisp, so that wasn't an amazing guess (which would be only a lucky guess because you cannot discern a lisp from a man's behaviors; you need a witness to say the guy has a lisp). So, profiling didn't identify Hansen, the cops did. However, the analysis of his behavior could have been helpful in the continuing investigation and prosecution.

December 27, 2009 5:56 AM

Actually Pat Brown, John Douglas did predict that Robert Hansen: Alaskan Serial Killer, had a lisp in his original profile... Hansen, was the primary suspect in the abductions and murders, yet his personal info wasn't made available to the FBI BAU, until the preliminary profile was complete.

Please refer to: Serial Killers: Profiling the Criminal Mind: 'A & E' - Disc 1 - 1994 (Ironically the same year the 'Deadly Run Movie' was filmed)...

After reading an article in Psychology Today about criminal profiling, the FBI BSU/BAU was contacted by the Alaskan State Trooper Detective Glenn Flothe, requesting assistance after being denied a search warrant for lack of probable cause. Deective Flothe began telling FBI Profiler Roy Hazelwood about Robert Hansen. Hazelwood said, "No, No, No"! Detective Flothe was advised by Hazelwood, not to give information pertaining to the suspect, only the victims and the specifics of the investigation. (An Artist is revealed by reviewing his Artwork)...
In the A & E documentary Detective Flothe states that John Douglas and Roy Hazelwood profiled Robert Hansen, and Douglas stipulated that the suspect would most likely have a lisp and have low self esteem, among other characteristics...

RE: that wasn't an amazing guess (which would be only a lucky guess because you cannot discern a lisp from a man's behaviors; you need a witness to say the guy has a lisp).
Criminal Behavior Profiling is not based on lucky guesses, but many years of research, interviews on many Serial Killers prior, crime scene analysis, deductive reasoning, common sense, as well as the ability to peel away the mask and enter the darkness of the demonic minds of those beyond evil...

FYI: John Douglas, predicted to the day that Atlanta, GA: Serial Killer Wayne Williams, would fake a medical emergency to gain sympathy from the jury during his trial. Williams complained of chest pains and was rushed to Grady Hospital, where Doctors found no signs of a heart condition...

John Douglas, advised Prosecutor Myers, in the Larry Gene Bell, Death Penalty Trial, Lexington Co., SC, for the Murder of Sherry Faye Smith, that Bell would cause an outburst or disturbance in the courtroom on the first day.
To the Prosecutors amazement, Bell acted out Douglas's prediction...
Bell was executed in 1996....

What I post is not speculation or conjecture..


Anonymous said...

13.Finally a link to the slideshow: 197 pics total. I will edit and give a description of the pics in the following days.
Pay close attention to the large wooden reel or spool with the frayed rope.
This is the location where Meredith Hope Emerson, physically fought Gary Michael Hilton, on the morning of 01/04/08, contrary to the explanation that he gave the GBI in the 01/07/08 interview enroute to Dawson Forest WMA, where her remains were located



Janet said...

Wow! Thanks Glenn, look forward to your narrative. Hope you are well.


Glenn Adams said...

One click link for the slide show:



Glenn Adams said...

As in any culture, or in any community spread across this great Nation, there are those who refuse or are unable to adapt to a civilized society, skirting the rules and laws that guide the rest of us through life. Fortunately they are the exception rather than the rule. Due to their selfish need to fulfill their evil desires or sexual fantasies, their lack of empathy for others, as well as their self assurance of remaining anonymous or stealth by hiding behind their masks of normalcy (at least in the darkness of their minds), they resort to the unimaginable, or unconscionable..
These psycopathetic predators, who know no boundaries of sanity, prey on unsuspecting innocent victims. Many of these predators hone their skills with each innocent victim devoured, increasing confidence and causing escalation.
Although, most of these predators have an uncanning ability to shield their motives, their expressionless face, hiding behind their fake smiles, combined with their lifeless eyes can not conceal this lie.

The only effective weapon that we all posses, is detection: Be cautious, adhere to personal safety rules, and ‘Trust your Natural Instincts’.

We all have to be on guard 24/7 and look out for each other..


glenn adams said...

Steve Segars: Gwinett Co. Firefighter/EMT and Boyfriend of Meredith Hope Emerson, Speaks Volumes:


Have you ever known:

· Someone who warmed you?

· Someone who made you lose track of time?

· Someone who made you grin at the thought of them?

· Someone who complicated the picture?

· Someone who made ‘being me’ okay?

· Someone whose touch made you tingle?

· Someone whose whisper made you swoon?

· Someone whose pain hurt more than your own?

· Someone who helped you find a better you?

· Someone who kept you awake?

· Someone who restored your faith?

· Someone who made a dress very happy to wear her?

· Someone whose eyes widen, just a little, when she looks at you?

· Someone who said it?

· Someone who wrote it?

· Someone who meant it?

· Someone who cared more about you than you did?

· Someone who could make a perfect cup of tea?

· Someone who kept you on her shoulder?

· Someone who wouldn’t let you go home?

· Someone who winked knowingly?

· Someone who looked fantastic in your clothes?

· Someone you looked forward to doing nothing with?

· Someone you studied so closely, you could paint them from memory?

· Someone who looked at you that way?

· Someone who made your words fail you?

· Someone who was your mirror image, only beautiful?

· Someone who replaced your priority list?

· Someone who knew how you liked to be kissed?

· Someone who really didn’t care who was watching?

· Someone who made the flight home the best part of the trip?

· Someone who was worthy of your key?

· Someone who was your perfect spoon?

· Someone who held you a little too long to be appropriate?

· Someone who knew and appreciated Ani DiFranco?

· Someone whose memory is as devastating as it is beautiful?

· Someone whose absence is crippling?

· Someone you can’t wake up without?

· Someone you fall on your knees to beg God for?

cp by Wolfscratch

glenn adams said...

RE: May 1, 2008 comment above:


Hilton’s Boss John Tabor Speaks Out…

Snipet from link above:During most of the ten years that Hilton worked as a telemarketer for John Tabor’s DeKalb County business Tabor said the word “monster” never came to mind.

But Tabor says a year ago Hilton started to change, claiming he was ill and taking a variety of medication. “I know at one point he told me he really needed the medication, that when he stopped taking them, the demons came back,? Tabor said. Tabor said Hilton’s behavior grew increasingly odd, then threatening. Tabor said over a decade, he’d advanced Hilton as much as $10,000. Last September Hilton demanded more. “He told me he wanted $10,000. He said ?I don’t care how you get it, but you better give it to me or else,?” Tabor said. “He said it would be the easy thing to do, or I’d pay the price.”

Tabor called police and told them Hilton was a danger. “I had to get family members out of the house and I armed myself and I remained armed 24-7 from that day forward until he was captured,? he said.

It was Tabor who called and notified authorities that the man they were hunting in connection to the disappearance of Meredith Emerson was likely Gary Hilton. That same day, with law enforcement officers desperately searching for him, Hilton called his former boss. “He seemed very calm, acted as though nothing had happened nothing was wrong. He was ready to come back to work,? Tabor said.

Again, Tabor called the GBI and within hours, Gary Michael Hilton was in custody, charged with the murder of Meredith Emerson.
"Who was the 'Ruse' intended for? Why no 911 call?

Actually John Tabor didn’t call the GBI when Gary Hilton called him at 4:40PM on 01/03/08. GMH, first called Tabor from Weaver’s Amoco(pay phone), but due to a bad connection, went next door to the Huddle House and called back on the HH’s Business Phone. GMH, talked to Tabor aproximately 15 minutes. According to the employees(verified by me), GMH was very loud, agitated, and cursing.
John Tabor, did not dial 911, although the Huddle House’s Phone Number is vividly displayed on caller ID. John Tabor says that he had important Business to take care of?

(According to the ME, Meredith Hope Emerson was alive when the phone call was made by GMH) A County Sheriff works only yards from the Huddle House at the bank in front of the Huddle House.

The GBI called Tabor at aprox 7:30 PM to ask if GMH had a cell phone. This is when Tabor told them about the phone call by GMH and rouse(scheme) he had concocted… The GBI arrived at the Huddle House; Marble Hill, GA 30148, Fours Later with multiple Squad cars and Hellicopter.

According to my info, GMH, went to the Dollar Store, only 2 blocks from the Huddle House at 8:30PM. His purchase: plastic wrap & Duct Tape…

Wolfscratch: May she rest in Peace..

glenn adams said...

There is over 100, 000 missing & murdered victims in the US today. I feel that this number is conservative and is growing yearly.
DNA and other technology is advancing daily, and is the best hope for turning these numbers in a positive direction. There are many resources available to insure this goal. Many are not being utilized. The most powerful of these resources are the Eyes, ears, and minds of the American Public via the Media(local & National).
I have seen a trend in recent weeks of this strategy being used by the FBI and other progressive law Enforcement Agencies.

My goal is to join Monica Caison’s CUE Organization for the Missing and Murdered in their searches. I attended their National Conference: ‘Expanding the Vision’, in Wilmington, NC, a few weeks ago.
Actually meeting the families of that involuntary fraternity: the survivors of the Missing & Murdered, was very touching..


A heartwrenching story from the CUE National Conference:


Begin with comment #12 'Baby Raymond'...


I am sure that most of the viewers of this forum is aware of the outrage by the public concerning the Hustler/Fred Rosen FOI request of the Graphic Crime Scene Photos of Meredith Hope Emerson's remains.
I was as outraged as everyone else when I first read the breaking news. I ask that you step back and analyze the facts and motives or political agenda for leaking this story to the AJC Newspaper by GA State Reps David Ralston and jill Chambers.


Why I requested slain hiker’s crime scene photos
By Fred Rosen

Why would a journalist want to see crime scene photos of Meredith Emerson, whose body was found nude and beheaded? Is there some sick prurient interest here?

Letters to the Editor: AJC

Why I requested slain hiker’s crime scene photos
Readers Write 03/19

Actually, none whatsoever. I never thought about it that way. I don’t know of anybody who did.

I’m the author and reporter who made the open records request regarding the official record of Emerson’s homicide. The crime scene photos were a part of that request.

At the time, I had no idea what state her body was in. I was reporting a true-crime story for Hustler Magazine on Gary Michael Hilton, who killed Emerson and is the suspect in murders in Florida and North Carolina.

For a reporter doing his job, the crime scene photos are essential to the reporting. The idea is not only to understand what happened, but to piece together how it happened.

I use them to double-check if what the killer told police is true; to see if his M.O. fits in with the other crimes he’s charged with; and to see if there are similarities and/or differences compared to unsolved murders.

Hilton, for example, took off Emerson’s clothes because he is a serial killer who understands how forensic evidence can prove guilt. He didn’t want any evidence that could tie him to the crime. He hid everything. That’s what makes him particularly dangerous.

Transcripts of a confession are not enough, especially when the suspect is a self-admitted sociopath such as Hilton.

Hilton’s a liar. How else can I tell what happened without looking at the shots?

Crime scene photos also help reveal the why, or motive, of the crime.

For example, if a victim died from bludgeoning, crime scene pictures might show bruises on the decedent’s arms, indicating resistance. That’s important not only as to the victim’s character, but as to the force the killer used without feeling guilt about what he was doing.

In a capital murder case especially, police want more than a confession to get a conviction that can survive appeal. That’s why the forensic evidence gathered while the killer is giving his confession can trump the defendant’s appeal that the confession was coerced.


glenn adams said...

Crime scene evidence can also be used to tie murder suspects to other open cases in which his name has appeared as a suspect. This is especially true for Hilton, who will stand trial in September for the brutal murder of Cheryl Dunlap in Florida in early December 2007.

When news of Emerson’s murder reached Florida in January 2008, authorities there knew Georgia had their suspect and they extradited him. Florida is trying Hilton on murder charges with death by lethal injection or electrocution a possible outcome.

In an effort to get a conviction, the state will almost certainly introduce photographs of Dunlap’s body in open court. Florida judges often allow the evidence in criminal trials to be photographed and handled by the public.

If the Florida jury goes into the penalty phase after a conviction, the state can and will bring in evidence of Hilton’s previous crimes to get the jury to sentence him to death. That evidence can include crime scene photos from previous crimes.

After his Florida trial, Hilton will be transported to North Carolina to stand trial for killing Irene and John Bryant. Authorities in Transylvania County, where Irene Bryant was killed, are hopeful that the North Carolina federal attorney who now has jurisdiction in the case will cede it back to the state, which could then try Hilton for murder, once again with the death penalty on the table.

Before that happens, Hilton will continue to be investigated by law officers throughout the South who believe he committed more than these four murders.

When I submitted my request for photos to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, I read the Georgia Open Records Act to see what I could and could not ask for under Georgia law. I didn’t see anything that excluded crime scene photographs.

I’ve written books about homicides in many states, including Florida, Michigan, California, Louisiana, Kansas, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. Until this case, I have never been denied crime scene photographs by the police and/or state.

As for the disposition of crime scene photos I might have been given, it’s the publisher’s decision what to publish, not mine. Regarding what Hustler may or may not have published, my editor was ready to change my request to simply ask for any crime scene photographs, and would have been satisfied with images of yellow crime-scene tape or tire tracks.

Subsequent legal action made this a moot point before the request could be entered.

Fred Rosen, a writer and historian, is the author of many true crime books including “Deadly Angel” and “Lobster Boy.” His book “The Historical Atlas of American Crime” won Library Journal’s “Best Reference Source of the Year.”
I am confident that Meredith Hope Emerson, should have been rescued. Due to antiquated strategies utilized in the investigation, she was not.
Meredith Hope Emerson fought Gary Michael Hilton, with her mind, body, and spirit, buying time for a rescue that never came.
Unless we learn from this tragedy, the cycle will continue..

Pat Brown; Criminal Behaviorlist said…
We could use a strong accountability system not dependent on appeals, but rather oversight. The public/citizens have a right to know exactly how decisions are made and cases are handled. It does not have to be in the midst of the case but certainly afterward there should be transparency. If there isn’t, how can we address issues of corruption, incompetance, and error? We need to know in order to fix problems and hold people accountable for what is supposed to be work done on behalf of the citizens. Somehow “the interest of the state” seems to preclude the citizenry which is odd considering the state IS the citizenry, well, at least in a democratic republic with a constitution.

(CP) Wolfscratch: 'There must be Darkness Present for the Light to shine through'..


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Seven Obstacles to Serial Murder Investigations - Associated ...
Linkage blindness is a key reason serial murders go undetected. A serial murderer and a mass murderer are two different categories of killer. ...

Why was Gary Michael Hilton: Stealth Predator, Oblivious to Law Enforcement for almost 5 decades?

Linkage Blindness - Murders occurring in many different jurisdictions may not be linked due to agencies’ lack of cooperation with each other or lack of information accessibility. Thus a serial killer may go undetected for long periods of time due to linkage blindness between several cases. Victimology - Many victims of serial killers are prostitutes, runaways, hitchhikers and the homeless. Yet, these are the murder cases that get the least attention because they are considered the “less-dead,” disposable members of society. Because the agency does not look in-depth into these cases, they loose valuable victimological information on the type of victim the serial killer looks for and the area in which he or she may be killing.

Analyzing Previous Investigations - The failure to review previous investigators’ procedures in serial killer investigations is also a common problem. Prior serial killer cases, which have been solved, can give an investigative team vital information and direction on how to proceed with a current investigation. This information however, is rarely used.

This piece is not designed to be critical of law enforcement, only to point out the potential pitfalls inherent in a serial murder investigation. When one knows where the pitfalls lie, they can be avoided or a course over, around or through them can be charted.


All Serial Killers Dot Com, retrieved from the Internet February 20, 2005, from

Apsche, J. 1993, Probing The Mind Of A Serial Killer

Bell, Rachael (2005), Setting the Stage, retrieved from the Internet May 11, 2005 from

CIA United States Statistics, retrieved from the Internet, February 22, 2005, from

Egger, Steven A., (2002), The Killers Among Us, 2nd Edition

Fox, J.A., & Levin, J. 1994, OverKill – Mass Murder and Serial Killing Exposed

Frank, Christina. 2000, Stalkers, Serial Killers, and other sociopaths: Dr. Park Dietz Explores the Dark Side Of The Mind


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Some info on Gary Hilton: verified from corrections records, unless otherwise stated:

StrangeThingsHappen said…
Dec-5-09 12:03am I recently spent 2 days going through the Department of Corrections records made available to me on an Open Records Request and Subpoena.

A few things I found in Hilton’s Department of Corrections records that stood out were:
Hilton’s testing showed he has an IQ of 102 WRAT scores: R-12.9, M-6.5, S-12.9
Hilton claims 14 years of education, received GED plus 2 years college,
Spent 3 years in US Army, Infantry, 3/1964-3/1967 (age 18-21) received Honorable Discharge at E4 Rank,
Hilton claims Flight Instruction training and Pilot Certification in 1970 after his discharge from Army.
Hilton’s father, William F. Hilton, is dead, and was killed by Hilton’s step mother.
Hilton claims No brothers and No sisters,
Hilton is 3 times divorced, no children, no family support
His Birth place was Atlanta, in Fulton County
For Religion he claims none
Hilton’s natural Parents separated when he was less than age 5.
Hilton was raised to age 14 by his natural mother
Hilton spent some time in foster care from age 14-17 years old and then joined the Army at age 18.
Hilton’s mother, Cleo Reynolds (Hilton) Debag was later married to Nilo Debag who was deceased at age 90 in Broward, Florida on Nov. 1, 2006. Hilton’s Mother age 84 now lives in SC and has no contact with him.
There was not much mention of the MS or any special medical needs.
Hilton claims his Parents had no drug or alcohol or arrest backgrounds
Hilton claims to have been Homeless for 8 months after leaving John Tabor’s house in Dekalb where he lived for 9 years until sometime in 2007.
Hilton claims he escaped from a Dade Co. FL Juvenile. Det Center after being detained for 2 weeks for attempted murder of his Step-Father.
Hilton claims he was Arrested 10 times as an adult, 5 times as a Juvenile.
Hilton claims to have used drugs as a juvenile
Claims the Age first arrested was 12 years old for breaking and entering (1958).
Hilton admits to the 1982 firebombing of house of Ex-girlfriend’s brother (the Green’s) in an attempt to kill him, says the charges were dropped for lack of evidence. The younger sister who identified him was 17 at the time. Hilton was age 36.
Hilton admits to past homosexual behavior, but denies current tendencies
Hilton claims past excessive use of alcohol, Quaaludes, Amphetamines, Cocaine, and Marijuana, denies recent use of anything but Marijuana
Hilton claims current Murder charges for Meredith Emerson are not due to drugs or alcohol
Keep in mind these are mostly things Hilton is claiming.

CP By Wolfscratch

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Hunting Humans
Alaskan Serial Killer: Robert Hansen,

Whenever Hansen got a victim under his control, he would normally take her to his plane and fly them out to his remote cabin. According to Newton, he would brutally rape and torture the women. Afterwards, he would strip them naked, sometimes going so far as blindfolding them, and set them free in the woods. Hansen would give his victim a brief head start and then hunt them down with a hunting knife or a high-powered rifle. In describing his hunts to investigators, Hansen said that it was like “going after a trophy Dall sheep or a grizzly bear..


“Deadly Run” was loosely based on Alaskan serial killer,Robert Hansen, who was also a trophy animal hunter that lured an assortment of females to his remote cabin.

The film’s plot: a serial killer who murders women in the north Georgia mountains.

The film was made in 1995. Fast forward to 2008 — Gary Hilton has confessed to killing a hiker in the north Georgia mountains. He is also suspected in three other murders, each in National Parks.

Samuel Rael is not only a lawyer, he has also produced movies — including one that went straight to video in 1995. The title: “Deadly Run.” It’s about a man who stalks and kills women in the north Georgia mountains.

Rael said Gary Michael Hilton helped him with the plot — the same Gary Michael Hilton who has admitted he stalked and killed Meredith Emerson in the north Georgia mountains in January.

A bearded and much younger Gary Michael Hilton is pictured long before he would earn a reputation as one of Georgia’s most notorious killers. In those days, Hilton faced a variety of criminal charges, like arson, theft and drugs. In those days, Hilton’s lawyer was Samuel Rael.

“It was clear he was a sociopath,” said Rael. “But I thought he had a very creative imagination.”

In 1995, Samuel Rael the lawyer became Samuel Rael the movie producer. He wanted to make an action film about a killer. He said he shared his idea with Gary Michael Hilton.

“He was very enthused about that,” Rael said. “And helped me outline the plot, the concept, and the ideas behind it.”

Rael said Hilton was bubbling with suggestions for the plot.

“He had ideas of how we could do what we did, which was ‘Deadly Run’,” Rael said. “Having people let lose in the woods then hunted down like prey.”

In the movie, the main character would meet women, then take them to the north Georgia mountains.

“He would have people tied up in a cabin somewhere in the mountains, and then let them go and see if he could catch up with them,” Rael said.

Wolfscratch: GMH, was/is the master of evil emulation…

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Wolfscratch: 'Courtroom Demeanor'

Glenn Adams said...

'Naked Photos or Naked Truth?'

For the families of the many victims of GMH & Associates, to begin closure, the truth must be revealed by Law Enforcement, the Criminal Justice Community, as well as the Justice System.. Until the silence is broken the victims will continue to be denied Justice..

RUSE – Definition from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
Etymology: French, from Old French, roundabout path taken by fleeing game, trickery, from reuser. Date: 1625. : a wily subterfuge. synonyms see trick …
10 DATA:
hb 1/22/2008 .
Page 2 of 2 172798
Further dissemination is prohibited without written approval of a GBI Supervisor

Then on Jan. 18, 2008, what finally came to be admitted?

Special Agent HOWARD asked TABOR if he attempted to contact the GBI when HILTON had called him on January 3,2008. TABOR became visually upset and began to cry. He stated that he did not attempt to call anyone. HILTON contacted TABOR at approximately 4:41 p.m. and asked him for money. After taking the call, TABOR attended to some business requirements prior to receiving a call from ASAC JESSE MADDOX at approximately 6:30 p.m Though during the phone conversation TABOR told ASAC MADDOX that he had been trying to call, TABOR clarified to S/A HOWARD he had not actually tried to contact law enforcement. TABOR stated that “I thought we had him, the ruse was set up for tomorrow”. TABOR never contacted anyone about a “ruse” or about HILTON calling him. TABOR only provided the information about HILTON’s 4:41 p.m. call when he was directly asked by ASAC MADDOX (Two and half hours later on the phone, in the late evening of Jan. 3, 2008). EXHIBIT 174 (cross ref. Exhibit 21)

The phone call to John Tabor was made at 4:41 PM on 01/03/08. The response time to the Huddle House; Marble Hill, GA , 30148 by the GBI on 01/03/08 was over ‘Four Hours' due to Tabor’s Failure to dial 911, as any 7 yr old child would have done. 'Huddle House & the Phone number; is indicated on caller ID, as verified by me, yet Tabor, indicated in the interview that Gary Hilton, called him from a cell phone.

The GBI’s time of arrival was after 9:00PM. Meredith Hope Emerson was alive at the time the phone call was placed according to the Medical Examiner.

Why has this information been silenced by the media? (Local and National) Precious Victim’s Lives depend on ‘Truth in the Media’.

They should hang their heads in shame, IMO...
Silence is/was GMH & Associates most Lethal Weapon!...


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By: wolfscratch on April 12, 2010
at 11:46 am

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

I am still still debriefing from the CUE CENTER National Conference in NC.
It didn’t matter how many traumatic experiences a person has endured in life, or how thick skinned they have become, after hearing the testimonies of the Families & Friends of the Missing & Murdered Victims, you came away with teary eyes…

‘If tears were a stairwell to heaven, and memories and grief could make a lane, I’d walk right on up there, and bring her home again’…

The most important thing that I learned from CUE Conference; experience was to never use the word ‘Closure’ around a Family member of a Missing or Murdered Victim…


glenn adams said...

On Facebook, i befriended Fred Rosen: True Crime Writer, that filed the FOI Request in the Meredith Hope Emerson Investigation.

I ask why he chose Gary Michael Hilton to write about, with all the other crimes to choose from. This was his response:

Fred Rosen commented on your wall post:

"He was a forensically aware serial killer. Guys like that are much rarer in
real life than the movies. I also would love to see police correctly link him
to other murders in which he is currently looked at as a suspect."

My reply:

Fred Rosen, I am very glad that you are researching the Meredith Hope Emerson Investigation and Gary Michael Hilton: Prolific Serial Killer and Stealth Predator.
The mainstreet Media(local & National) has been silent.
The Media Management Strategy used by GA State Representatives David Ralston and Jill Chambers, is to deflect from the botched Investigation of the GBI and other factors. Dig deep and do your research.
The GBI/FBI knew that an abnormally high rate of women were missing in GA alone, since 1980. Just didn't know his identity. He had VICAP confused into thinking that several serial killers were active. Gary Hilton hid in plain sight and was oblivious to Law Enforcement. he was a Hunter, a Professional. His words, not mine.
I have been backtracking GMH for over two years now. I analogized him as a Mountain Lion within four days, due to the residue and signs that I observed. He would hunt his prey, capture them return with them to his den and devour them, mind, body, and spirit...
Meredith Hope Emerson, is the reason that his evil reign of terror was brought to an abrupt end on 01/04/08. She fought him with mind, body, and spirit, buying time for a rescue by Law enforcement which never came...

Meredith Hope Emerson, should have been rescued...

Wolfscratch: I am confident that GMH had Associates and Sidekicks...

glenn adams said...

We cross our bridges when we come to them and burn them behind us, with nothing to show for our progress except a memory of the smell of smoke, and a presumption that once our eyes watered.

Tom Stoppard,

CP wolfscratch

glenn adams said...

what the folks like Katie King and Amanda Peacock,both waitresses and Jim Barkley, the owner of the Marble Hill, GA, Huddle House, has to say about their close encounter with Serial Killer: Gary Michael Hilton..

Listen to what was said about John Tabor cooperating fully with the GBI:

what the folks like Katie King and Amanda Peacock,both waitresses and Jim Barkley, the owner of the Marble Hill, GA, Huddle House, has to say about their close encounter with Serial Killer: Gary Michael Hilton..

Pay close attention to the statement concerning John Tabors, cooperation with the GBI:


Wolfscratch: GMH had Associates...

glenn adams said...

11.Tribute to Meredith Hope Emerson; Blood Mountain Hiker and Kindred Spirit..

“If not for her perception, courageous fight, and unselfish sacrifice, Gary Michael Hilton would still be preying on our Families, Friends, and Loved Ones”..



glenn adams said...

Fred Rosen April 13 at 7:52am I suspected the GBI might not be doing their job. That could explain their ending the GA end of the case so soon with the deal. But this is much worse than I thought. I’ve been following the case since it broke 1/1/08. I never thought this guy’s killing went back so far. Although it was been over 3 decades since this Serial Killer described in the article was captured due to the inclusion of the American Public via the Media, in an Investigation that had gone Cold, many Law Enforcement Agencies ignore this valuable and free resource, even today…

Wolfscratch: “When will they Learn?”

You’ve done a really good job. .
Glenn Adams April 14 at 6:08pm Case closed | ajc.com
Meredith Emerson’s death haunts lead GBI investigator (03/01/2008) …


The disappearance and slaying of 24-year-old hiker Meredith Emerson haunts the lead investigator on the case. He wonders why some things were and weren’t done and could her death have been prevented.

By Rhonda Cook
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 03/02/08

John Cagle said he wakes up at night thinking about how close investigators came to finding Meredith Emerson.

A turn down a different trail might have led searchers to the 24-year-old hiker before it was too late.

Still fresh in Cagle’s mind are the hours spent with her parents and his interview with Gary Michael Hilton, the scrawny vagabond who admitted he kidnapped Emerson from a North Georgia hiking trail just for money he expected she would —- but never did —- give him.

“The thing that bothers us, or me, is what was going through her mind —- what she was going through.
The Case was was ReOpened the Next Day, but the headlines were much smaller and the article was below the fold, hidden deep inside the AJC. I almost had to use the dowsing rods to locate it…

Fred, I would challenge you to give an explanation as to your thoughts on Why?, the Media was shut down by the FBI, as to Gary M. Hilton & Associates, 03/01/08.
When I read the headline in the AJC: ‘Case Closed! in HUGE CAPS’, I emailed all Media Outlets including Drudge 2008, and said ‘Case Closed My Buttocks!’
It was reopened that same day…I am confident that GMH, has no victim profile(Levi Frady 11 years old to Irene Bryant 84 years old, white, black, male, female), only a preference. He does not fit a single SK profile but encompasses many profiles as well s MO’s that are unique to him….
When I started backtracking him on 01/06/08, after concluding there was a 3 hour window that put him in this area. I put his head into mine, as an actor does a character, to be able to effectively track him. This was a very traumatic experience. I literally became him. All my senses were magnified: intelligence, memory, etc. I could visialize where he went and what he did when he arrived!

All the places that I tracked him as well as his burial sites were ewewitnessed by others.
I am a retired Fire Captain; AFD Haz Mat/High Rise Rescue, have experienced large life loss in my career but none that has affected me during the journey.
When I describe him as being Demonic, this is not a simple description, it is very accurate. He is pure evil and emits an evil aura and a distinct pungent odor.

Glenn Adams

Comment by wolfscratch | April 14, 2010 | Reply

My problem with money, that I’ve found, is whenever somebody gives it to you, they generally expect something in return. Sometimes it’s something reasonable. Sometimes it’s not. And you don’t find out until after they’ve started paying you, what it really is….

Comment by nimperiale

If a lawmaker wrote something Pulitzer-worthy, then yeah, he or she could win a Pulitzer. Al Gore won the Nobel Prize. Yeah, whole teams of people sharing a Pulitzer is the norm.

glenn adams said...

You now got Pulitzers in your eyes? Uno problemo. Pulitzers mean even less these days than a journalism degree. I know Pulitzer winners who still got laid off.

Pulitzers are…well I thought of a great metaphor, but it’s too nasty. Pulitzers mean something only to other journalists and a small circle of ongawkers.

That said, there are some Pulitzer-winning stories that I am in awe of. Lisa Pollak’s 1997 winner, The Umpire’s Sons, is a perfect example. I worship it.

Comment by nimperiale

I was being facetious, Nancy. Sorry, that is why I get misstaken as Eddie Haskel’s twin…
I am rather fond of this Pulitizer Winning Article:

The Pulitzer Prizes | Angels and DemonsAngels and Demons. Sunset – Chapter 1. By: Thomas French … “I believe there are demons all around us,” he would say, “just as I believe there are angels …

glenn adams said...

Think this is prolly a good time to repost this comment:

An interview of Gary Michael Hilton by Pickens Co, SC; Sheriff at Jackson Prison, GA, concerning Jason Knapp. Pay close attention to the Cheryl Dunlap reference:



glenn adams said...

“Smoke and Mirrors”, IMO...

“Very Important meeting that illustrates the ‘SMOKE and MIRRORS’ PR(Propaganda & Rumor) Strategy, used by Law Enforcement, and reported by the media(Local and National), in the Tragic Fiasco Labeled ‘The Meredith Emerson Investigation’…

The last paragraph of Page 3, if not for the tragidc outcome, would be almost humorous…
What galaxy are they living in..
Pay close attention to Page 4: Psychological Arrests: Keenan says that Gary Hilton, was stopped by LE in Three States, but was a ‘Master’ at preventing his arrest….

The ‘Four Hour Response Time to the Marble Hill Huddle House’ by the GBI & LE, on 01/03/08, was conviently omitted from the minutes of the meeting. Where were the GBI Helicopters on this date?

She should have been rescued. This Mission was far from being a Success. The Community and Meredith Hope Emerson’s family needs to know the truth…the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth…

May She Rest in Peace…

Glenn Adams


Vice-Chairman Donald called the June Board meeting to order
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
finally, to Dawson County, where Meredith Emerson’s body was recovered…. Since the Missing Persons file was set up in 1972, there are 608 women entered in that … Lab to have scientists come in on Sunday to begin receiving some of DNA evidence…. how to keep law enforcement from not making an arrest on him….
gpstc.georgia.gov/vgn/ …/cit…/106904179Boa…

Link for above comment:


glenn adams said...

IMO, GMH, incriminates himself for multiple abductions and murders in this interview.


Link for Written transcript of the audio of GMH's interview posted in the next comment. prepared by Nancy Imperiale, was a High School Friend of Cheryl Dunlap.
GMH, is facing a Death Penalty Trial in Tallahassee, Fl for Cheryl Hodges Dunlap's tragic abduction, torture, decapitation, and Murder...

Nancy Imperiale: A Professional and very talented Journalist, should be saluted for her diligence in seeking the truth...


glenn adams said...

◦Snipet of 3 Page Comment by WS, on Green River Prosecution Strategy; Theory:

A very tight lid was kept on what was happening behind the scenes. Gary Ridgeway’s attorneys had contacted the Proscecutor to ask if GR might avoid the death Penalty, if he would plead guilty to the original charges and show the location of the undiscovered victims. Although there were more than 50 possible victims of Gary Ridgeway, the state could only proscecute on the seven victims, the rest going unavenged. Considering the lengthy Appeals process, the now 54 year old Ridgeway. might very well die of natural causes before excecution could be carried out….

On June 13, 2003, the proscecutors and the defense team entered into an agreement: the State would not seek the Death Penalty, but GR, would have to plead guilty to aggravated murder in the 1st degree for all the homicides that he had committed in Kings Co., Washington. The plea agreement was not revealed to the public or the innocent victims’ families. It was June 2003 when the rumors began: Where was Gary Ridgeway?

It was certain that he was not in the King County Jail, but any info on his whereabouts had been ‘Sealed by a Judge’….

Green River Task Force Members and Search & Rescue teams were spotted in areas where victim’s remains were previously located. Questions were asked, were proscecutors seeking evidence overlooked or or had they struck up some kind of plea deal with the defense team; ‘Ridgeway’s Life, in exchange for the identity and location of the unknown victims from Kings County, Washington? The plea deal did not include other geographical area that Ridgeway preyed.. The task force personnel wore civilian clothes to remain stealth to the media and behind the heavely tinted glass of the unmarked cars was a Prolific Serial Killer, wearing leg irons and handcuffs. Rumors of where Ridgeway was being out of control. It was reported that he was being kept secured under armed guard in a posh apartment. The public was outraged that he was being held in luxury after the body count that he had amassed.

The Task Forces PIA , under this pressure anounced that a cell had been constructed in the Task Force Headquarters and GR was living among the investigators. It was the last place anyone thought to look… There had been no precedent for this strategy.. In order to get in to the head of Ridgeway, although it meant spending so much time with an evil cold blooded killer, tantamount to residing with a noncharismatic Hannibal Lecter, it was necessary to bridge the wall, erected by his team of Attorneys and seek the truth of his Terror Trail. GR had a captive audience and relished the attention paid to him as did Ted Bundy, was delighted of the attention given him by Florida detectives after his 1978 arrest. Ridgeway would now have the opportunity to gloat over the details of his ghastly deeds..


wolfscratch said...

Janet, Monica Caison & CUE do a wonderful job at what they do. Hope you don't mind the heads up on the Nat tour for the missing.
Their is still time to volunteer, host a stop and submit your missing person case; be a part of the 2010 national road tour; if you are interested in participating, please contact our center, thank you
The following states are the chosen ones we will travel through if you are in the tour path and want your case featured please at a hosted stop please contact us now. See below, states.
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Pamela Bradshaw
Rachel Conger
Raymond Lamar Green (Baby Raymond)
Samantha Burns

CUE Center for Missing Person
PO Box 12714
Wilmington, NC 28405
(910) 343-1131 or (910) 232-1687

CP wolfscratch

wolfscratch said...

Coincidence or parallel?



wolfscratch said...

In Response to Re: Cheryl Dunlap's Forum: (Tallahassee Democrat)

Awe...I can't talk about it anymore...it just makes me too sad. I'll never understand why he still went ahead with it knowing so many people witnessed them and the dogs together that day and had to know he'd be a main POI. Meredith sure did everything possible though. God love her.
Posted by BandMom1

Because she challenged him on the morning of 01/04/08, sacrificing her life for others..
Hope we all could be so courageous..
Meredith knew that GMH, never intended to let her go free..
She fought him with mind, body, and spirit..
She was Victorious...

'Right To Hike'

'In Memory of Meredith Hope Emerson'

"An Evening of Hope"


“If not for her perception, courageous fight, and unselfish sacrifice, Gary Michael Hilton would still be preying on our Families, Friends, and Loved Ones”..

Wolfscratch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V84STSWVp3g

Wolfscratch said...

http://www.wctv.tv/home/headlines/95957504.html ‘GMH Trial Postponed, yet again…

RE: Accused killer Gary Hilton?

GMH is a confessed killer of Meredith Hope Emerson..

Possible victim’s map of Gary Michael Hilton, prepared by sleddog:


When GMH, was asked by the Pickens Co, SC Sheriff how the other prisoners and guards treat him at Jackson Prison, GA, where he is serving life W/O Parole:

Gary Hilton’s view in his own words concerning the delay in Justice for his many, many victims including Cheryl Dunlap:

“No one messes with me here. They treat me real good.”

“I’ve got my own T.V.’I READ’. I’ve got my meals cooked, served…the dishes are washed. My laundry is done….Hey, I love it!”

“I’m gonna f—— raise hell, total hell. I’m not gonna be happy unless it takes three to four years to go to trial. Unless we have a 1,000 person jury pool, and unless we have at least two changes of venue. And that’s just to begin with (laughs).”

Wolfscratch: Prolific Serial Killer Gary Michael Hilton, is playing the Justice System like a fiddle…

wolfscratch said...

GAPeach, a concerned citizen, has posted a link on the heaven forum of an interview of Gary Michael Hilton's mother by Special Agents of the GBI and the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit. Although his mother is very skeptical of their motives and doesn't want to reveal info that would harm her only son, it is obvious that an attempt is being made by the Agents, to mine various personal history and relationships to establish a timeline, and possible stressors(of which there were many) that triggered GMH’s reigh of terror, as well as his geographical area of operation. The interview is very revealing. The shooting of his stepfather by GMH at age 14, the arson of a barn & vehicle as a child, coupled with the torching of his fiance's house in 1982 (Dekalb co, GA)with her and her brother and sister insideThe Shawn Stewart(estranged girlfriend that GMH called on 01/04/08) info is very significant, IMO, as well as the camping photos viewed at the conclusion of the interview. Although many of GMH’s camping photos had been discard by his Mother, due to limited storage space, one of the photos is of a Camping Trip out West… For some reason, that seems to raises the hair on the back of my neck..



wolfscratch said...


Following the arrest of a serial killer, the question is always asked: How did this person become a serial murderer?

Attendees at the Serial Murder Symposium agreed that there is no generic profile of a serial murderer. Serial killers differ in many ways, including their motivations for killing and their behavior at the crime scene. However, attendees did identify certain traits common to some serial murderers, including sensation seeking, a lack of remorse or guilt, impulsivity, the need for control, and predatory behavior. These traits and behaviors are consistent with the psychopathic personality disorder. Attendees felt it was very important for law enforcement and other professionals in the criminal justice system to understand psychopathy and its relationship to serial murder.

Psychopathy is a personality disorder manifested in people who use a mixture of charm, manipulation, intimidation, and occasionally violence to control others, in order to satisfy their own selfish needs. Although the concept of psychopathy has been known for centuries, Dr. Robert Hare led the modern research effort to develop a series of assessment tools, to evaluate the personality traits and behaviors attributable to psychopaths.

Dr. Hare and his associates developed the Psychopathy Check List Revised (PCL-R) and its derivatives, which provide a clinical assessment of the degree of psychopathy an individual possesses. These instruments measure the distinct cluster of personality traits and socially-deviant behaviors of an individual, which fall into four factors: interpersonal, affective, lifestyle, and anti-social.

The interpersonal traits include glibness, superficial charm, a grandiose sense of self-worth, pathological lying, and the manipulation of others. The affective traits include a lack of remorse and/or guilt, shallow affect, a lack of empathy, and failure to accept responsibility. The lifestyle behaviors include stimulation-seeking behavior, impulsivity, irresponsibility, parasitic orientation, and a lack of realistic life goals. The anti-social behaviors include poor behavioral controls, early childhood behavior problems, juvenile delinquency, revocation of conditional release, and criminal versatility. The combination of these individual personality traits, interpersonal styles, and socially deviant lifestyles are the framework of psychopathy and can manifest themselves differently in individual psychopaths.

Research has demonstrated that in those offenders who are psychopathic, scores vary, ranging from a high degree of psychopathy to some measure of psychopathy. However, not all violent offenders are psychopaths and not all psychopaths are violent offenders. If violent offenders are psychopathic, they are able to assault, rape, and murder without concern for legal, moral, or social consequences. This allows them to do what they want, whenever they want.

The relationship between psychopathy and serial killers is particularly interesting. All psychopaths do not become serial murderers. Rather, serial murderers may possess some or many of the traits consistent with psychopathy. Psychopaths who commit serial murder do not value human life and are extremely callous in their interactions with their victims. This is particularly evident in sexually motivated serial killers who repeatedly target, stalk, assault, and kill without a sense of remorse. However, psychopathy alone does not explain the motivations of a serial killer.

Psychopaths are not sensitive to altruistic interview themes, such as sympathy for their victims or remorse/guilt over their crimes. They do possess certain personality traits that can be exploited, particularly their inherent narcissism, selfishness, and vanity. Specific themes in past successful interviews of psychopathic serial killers focused on praising their intelligence, cleverness, and skill in evading capture.

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